Accessories and Extras

for ACOMAT and ALBAMAT balers

  • Chain belt conveyors
  • Perforators
  • Whirling unit

Chain belt conveyors

Chain belt conveyors are used for continuous filling of channel baling presses and are docked to the channel baling press via an intermediate hopper. In contrast to manual filling or filling by shovel excavator, the throughput capacity of the channel baling press is optimally utilised by feeding by chain belt conveyor belt. As an option, the material feed can also be optimised via speed control (frequency inverter, on request). The control of the chain belt conveyor is integrated into the PLC of the channel baler via electronic contacts.

abba-Presstechnik supplies chain belt conveyors which are optimally designed for our channel baling presses, depending on the specific task and customer requirements.


    Perforators are used for slitting or piercing PET bottles or containers. This process enables the production of compressed bales with higher density and compactness.

    The PET bottles drop continuously onto the two shafts equipped with wipers which move in opposite directions; these are equipped with easily exchangeable slitting tools. Then the bottles are absorbed and pierced. The bottles are pushed downwards by the shafts and carried to the press.

    The perforators can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements. In many cases, the channel baling press is not only used exclusively for compacting PET bottles, but other materials such as paper and cardboard are also produced. When changing to other materials, the perforator is not required.
    The solution: the perforator is moved hydraulically out of the baling press shaft on roller rails and the compaction of other materials can be continued. When changing to PET materials again, the perforator is moved back into the press shaft hydraulically. The operation is simple and fast and is carried out via the control of the channel baler.

    • Perforators in various sizes with a throughput capacity of 450 to 2400 kg/h.
    • Hydraulically controlled "carriage" on roller rails for retracting and extending the perforator

    Whirling unit

    A whirling unit is used to loosen up compact materials with a high specific weight such as magazines, newspapers and continuous forms. Before these materials are conveyed into the feed hopper of the channel baler, the whirling unit uses rotating propellers to ensure even distribution of the materials within the press chamber. The even distribution of the materials guarantees the formation of homogeneous, compact bales.

    Abba press technology whirling unit can, of course, be swivelled hydraulically sideways.

    • Motor drive 7,5 or 11,0 kW
    • Hydraulically swiveling
    • with hopper wall intermediate part
    • Rotator speed aprox. 1130 rpm


    Tank and control cabinet heating

    • 1000 Watt incl. control cabinet heating
    • Optionally available for baler type: Acomat 400 H3, 615 H4 and Albamat 500 V5
    • Standard equipment for baler type Albamat 600 V5, 800 V5, 800 V5-Z1 and 900 V5-Z1

    Big Coil Storagesystem

    • for 10 Wirecoils of each 500kg

    Bin system

    • for containers 1,1 cbm

    Loading platform

    • Loading platform on the back of the baler
    • Hydraulic unit mounted on press shaft


    • 10“ (Standard: 5,7“)

    Remote control

    • By radio or wired

    System language

    • German/English – other languages on request

    We are happy to advise you

    We would be delighted to advise you on a press which you may be considering. On request, you will receive additional product information with all the technical data and a non-binding offer.

    Mr. Uwe Albers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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