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Features ALBAMAT 900 V5 Z1

  • 90 t pressing force
  • Suitable for pressing cardboard, waste paper, printing waste, hard and soft plastics (PET, HDPE etc.), foil, cans (aluminium, tinplate) Shrub cut, glass wool, wood shavings
  • 1 main press cylinder for large feed opening
  • 5-fold automatic vertical tying
  • Machine equipped with Hardox guide (Press piston) incl. wear- and heat-resistant piston guide strips
  • Hardox-Floor as standard equipment
  • Vertical stamp, Tank and control cabinet heating and oil-cooler as standard equipment
  • Ground slide and piston valve for covering the needle opening (prevents contamination of the binding unit with plastic or other small particles, etc.)
  • Channel adjustment - 3 sides, hydraulic-automatic, 4 working cylinder
  • 4 retaining clamps to retain expanding material in the press channel
  • Photocell control in the filling chute
  • Continuous feeding by conveyor belt etc.
  • Fast cycle times
  • Additional photocell for overfilling
  • Pivoting tying unit for transport and service
  • Simple and safe operation via 5.7" touch panel and push button function
  • 10 programs for different materials (paper, foil, plastic, user recipes etc.)
  • Operator side freely selectable
  • Hopper as required

    Technical data ALBAMAT 900 V5 Z1

    TYP 900 V5 Z1
    Pressing force: [kN/t] 900/90
    Specific pressing force: [N/cm²] 76
    Motor: [kW] 75 110
    Throughput weight cardboard 35 kg/m³ (B19): ca. [t/h] 9,0 15,0
    Volume-idle running: [m³/h] 679 825
    Volume-under working conditions B19: [m³/h] 489 674
    Cycle time: [sec] 16 13
    Feed opening: BxL: [mm] 1.140 x 1.700
    Weight: approx. [kg] 18.000
    Tying system: Vertical, 5-fold, automatic
    Bale size W x H x L: [mm] 1.080 x 1.110 x 1200
    Bale weight– cardboard B19
    (depending on type of material): [kg]
    up to 800 kg

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